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Year 1

Each week you will receive a ‘Sounds of the Week’ email. This will tell you which sounds and tricky words we are teaching, as well as giving you some words to practise blending and reading with your child. Your child may also have specific sounds that they need to practise - look out for a sticker on their jumper!

Your child will be given a reading practice book each week and this will be in line with our phonics scheme. The book will be chosen carefully to match your child’s secure phonic knowledge; they should be reading it at 95% fluency. The purpose of reading at home is to practise what has been taught in school, therefore the book will be familiar to your child and they should be confident reading it to you. 

Please hear your child read this book daily and make a note of this in their Reading Record. It is beneficial for children to re-read the same book multiple times to build up their fluency, prosody and comprehension skills.

Your child will also bring home a 'sharing book' for you to read to them. Children choose this book themselves, often picking something that interests them. The purpose of the sharing book is to promote a love of reading and to develop children's vocabulary acquisition. We hope you enjoy the experience together.

There are a large number of resources available to support families, including film clips, termly overviews, support for tricky words, pronunciation guides and a really useful explanation of the two types of book coming home ('Reading Practice' and 'Sharing Book') - LWLS Parent Resources.

For each project there is a list of suggested activities that you can complete with your child. These might vary from research, making or creating something, to maybe visiting somewhere. We ask that children choose a minimum of 3 activities over the half term and record this in their Home Learning Book - this could be in the form of a written report, photos, a picture, etc.