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As a group, the PTA meet monthly (or more frequently in the run-up to larger events). Meetings are held in school, in the evening, and normally last about 90 mins - everyone is welcome to attend. In order to help comply with GDPR, you are encouraged to register using the web form - click here.

Meeting Schedule:
Tuesday 21st September 2022 - AGM
Thursday 11th October 2022 
Tuesday 15th November 2022
Tuesday 13th December 2022
Tuesday 17th January 2023
Tuesday 7th February 2023
Tuesday 14th March 2023
Monday 24th April 2023
Tuesday 16th May 2023
Tuesday 13th June 2023
Tuesday 18th July 2023

Standard Agenda:

  • Debrief previous events 
  • Upcoming events 
  • Committee Business 
  • AOB 
  • Next Meeting

Copies of previous minutes are available upon request from: